Hi, I'm Jordan… 

…but you might know me as Raftronaut! 

I'm a community-focused musician, game developer, and technical artist proudly based out of Milwaukee. And this is Raft Labs Interactive, through which I use these skills (and others) to bring a little more joy into the world. 

Take a look around. If you think I'm right for your project, or you just want to shoot the breeze, reach out through my contacts below. 

Music connects me to people in ways that no other medium can. Creating a bond and empathizing with an audience is something I've been able to draw upon time and time again.

As a collaborator, for a client, and even as a solo dev—there's no more rewarding of an experience than bringing new retro games into the world.

There is something satisfying about organizing tiles. Going back to the graphical roots of video games helps us understand the importance of representational artwork.